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mp3Tag Pro is a powerful tag processor for music files
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The tags of music files are not useful only for storing information about the tracks, but they are also a very important aspect for keeping a music collection in a well-organized shape. In conjunction with the file names, the music tags can make a music collection look truly impressive. Unfortunately, manually managing the tags of many files, composing large music databases, is very tedious and difficult, if not plain impossible. Happily, applications like mp3Tag Pro have been created to help exactly with this kind of procedures.

mp3Tag Pro is a powerful and comprehensive utility that offers a large variety of features and functions intended to help you add, modify, and export music tags. You can press the “Generate tags” button to start the program’s automated tagging processes.

Another important advantage of using this tool is the fact that though its name might make you think that it supports only MP3 files, it actually supports many other audio file formats, such as WMA, OGG or FLAC.

Furthermore, this handy application facilitates the renaming of multiple audio files at once, even based on their tags. I also like about it the fact that it allows adding and managing lyrics and cover arts.

The interface is not extremely complicated or intricate but it also could have been a lot more intuitive and easier to use. Large areas of it are dedicated to navigation panels and the actual tagging can be noticed inside a rather small region of the interface. Anyway, it could be just a personal opinion. I still have to agree that mp3Tag Pro is a great solution for tagging audio files.

Margie Smeer
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  • Supports some of the most popular audio formats, besides MP3
  • Can add lyrics and cover arts
  • Allows batch renaming files


  • The interface is rather ineffective in terms of being easy-to-use
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