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Add all kinds of tags as well as lyrics and cover art to your music files
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Keeping a large collection of music files organized is no laughing matter. If you happen to have hundreds or even a few thousands of MP3 and other music file types on your computer or your portable player, it is always nice (and more convenient) to have them all neatly tagged and organized. mp3Tag Pro offers you all the flexibility and the accuracy you require to add metadata to your music files in an automated and comfortable way.

This audio file tagging tool is perfectly suitable for both small and large music collections. Some people think that these tagging tools are a one-time utility that will organize your music collection right away and will then age on your desktop until you decide to uninstall it. This may perfectly be the case if you don’t make your music collection grow, but if you’re a music lover you will need mp3Tag Pro for all the new additions that, in most cases, never stop coming. You can use it to tag one file, an entire album, or any other number of music files of nearly all known codec. Do not let the program’s name fool you – you can also tag your WAV, FLAC, AIFF, APE, or Ogg files (among others) with this tool.

The program opens in a multi-paneled interface (whose panels you can move around to fit your preferences) where you can perform the most basic tagging operations. It will scan your disks in search of audio files, and will display them all on a list, adding a distinctive icon to each of them according to their extension. If you select a file, its metadata will be displayed on the lower side of the screen immediately, including lyrics and cover art, when available. If not, you can add your own metadata here manually, and that includes all ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

But where the program really shines is in its behind-the-scenes functionality. Here you will find a series of tabs that will allow you to download tags directly from the Web – namely, Discogs, MusicBrainz, Amazon, or FreeDB –, create playlists and export tags in various formats, rename files using your favorite templates, and generate tags from filenames in a highly flexible way.

You won’t be able to use many of these features if you simply download the program’s trial version. It will certainly help you to familiarized with its interface and its many possibilities. If you have an extensive and ever-growing digital music collection (like mine), this is certainly a tool you are going to need sooner or later. Mind you, its highly flexible functionality is addictive.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a basic audio player
  • Rearrange the main interface as you wish
  • Downloads tags from the most renowned music sites
  • Offers complex renaming and tagging algorithms


  • Offers a very limited trial version
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