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Organizing an extensive music collection with a minimum degree of accuracy may take much longer than expected if you don’t count with a tool like mp3Tag Pro. This comprehensive audio renaming and tagging utility allows you not only to edit and create any ID3 tags in some of the most popular audio file formats, but also to import and export your tags automatically from renowned online music databases. Though traditionally associated to MP3 files, there are music tags available for, among others, Ogg, FLAC, WMA, M4A, AAC, APE, MPC, WAV, and WV audio files, and this versatile program supports them all, including ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags for MP3 files.

The top half of the program’s main interface will list all the audio tracks in the selected folder, while the bottom half will display all the tag information available for the track selected. You can reorder the track list either by file name or by any of the existing tags, such as title, artist, album, rating, duration, year, etc. To tell one format from the other, mp3Tag Pro color-codes your audio files by file type, useful not only to locate a specific file format, but also to detect possible duplicates.

As for the selected track, the program will display not only all text-based ID3 tags present in the file, but also the album artwork and the lyrics, when available. All missing tags can be either filled in manually or easily retrieved from online databases by clicking on the Generate Tags button and selecting the source among Discogs, MusicBrainz, FeeDB, and even Amazon. When more than one CD fits your search criteria, you will be presented with a list of options from where you can choose the one that fits your track. Obviously, the more tags you use for the search, the more accurate the results will be. A third option is to import your tags from a previously created CSV file.

Renaming your files correctly is also of the essence when it comes to keeping your audio files and folders clearly organized. To help you rename your files accurately, the program can copy information from your tags to your tracks’ file names and vice versa in an automated and straightforward way. You can use any of the templates that come with the program or create your own to rename your files in the way that better suits your preferences. Once your files are all neatly tagged, you can export all of them or a selection of tags to an Excel, CSV, or TSV file for backup purposes. Besides, you can also create M3U and PSL playlists for you players without leaving mp3Tag Pro.

Automatic music tagging is not an exact science, and no tagging program will get all your tags 100% right automatically. mp3Tag Pro and the databases it uses are no different in this sense, and you will always find inconsistencies and missing tags on your tracks that you will have to fill in yourself. Having said that, this well-established audio tagging tool has always offered a pretty high level of efficiency, and this hasn’t changed in this new version.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Tag import and export capabilities
  • Connects to the most popular music databases and shops
  • Powerful renaming tools
  • Downloads lyrics and cover art


  • Cluttered interface design
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